Whether your lifestyle doesn't allow you time to manage your residential investment properties or you are simply over tenants and their problems, we can help. We offer a comprehensive property management service in Tauranga from Whakamarama to Papmoa and the Kaimais and everywhere in between we have you covered. You don't have to let your investment properties become the bain of your life - let us manage them. We work for you, the Owner, to help minimise nasty surprises, prevent rent arrears, deal with all issues that can occur while safeguarding your investment.

We have been working in property management for nearly twenty years, and through the experience we have gained, this business idea was conceived. We focus on empowering landlords to take control of their properties and not to be at the mercy of their tenants, through education and prevention strategies. Our vision is to provide the tools necessary for landlords to manage their own investment properties successfully. Knowledge really is power, and my aim is to empower landlords to maximise their investment return and minimise their tenant issues.

The person with the most to lose if there is a tenant issue, is the landlord, not the property manager. The property owner is the one with the financial interest in the property so why shouldn’t they control it? A property manager has nothing to lose if things go pear shaped, there is no loss to their pocket! Unfortunately, After observing for almost over 20 years, that there are very few good property managers; most only do what they have too, if you are lucky!

We help landlords take control of their investment, and can assist you with:

  • Letting including credit checks
  • Tenancy Agreement, legal wording and special conditions.
  • Inspections
  • Tribunal Applications and even attend hearings for you.
  • Notices of Breach
  • 14 day notices
  • Keeping rent ledgers
  • AND Much More

Landlords do not need to keep tenants that don’t pay the rent, don’t look after their property, disturb the neighbours, breach their Tenancy Agreement, are abusive or you simply want them to move out.